Noor Shaker

Play is the highest form of research.
                                                   Albert Einstein

Well, I'm Noor! I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Medialogy department at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. I want to build better, more fun and personalized games. I also want to teach games who to build themselves while learning from the interaction with the player. 

I'm also an entrepreneur. I founded Lynura, a company that develop mobile apps that makes life easier, more social and fun. Our first product is Menura, a mobile social app for parents to help them go out and meet other parents. 


I recently started a blog where I talk about research and other personal stuff. Check it out if you are interested.

I am currently editing a book on Procedural Content Generation with two other colleagues. Draft chapters of the book can be found at: Procedural Content Generation in Games: a textbook and an overview of current research.

Selected Projects:

Menura App (Register now for Alpha!)

Menura is a mobile app themed around parents and allows them to connect and share time, experience and activities with others around them. Register for Alpha here.

Platformer Experience Dataset

The first open-access game experience corpus that contains multiple modalities of player data playing Super Mario Bros. .

#SyncSeven FREE on Android

A partially procedurally generated music-based game for fast-paced games Lovers. Download it for Android here.

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Ropossum Updated with V3.0

A mixed-initiative design tool for content generation, playability check and visual assistance for physics-based game. Youtube trailer here.

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