Noor Shaker

Play is the highest form of research.
                                                   Albert Einstein

Well, I'm Noor!

I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at ITU university of Copenhagen (soon moving to Aalborg University Copenhagen as an Assistant Prof.). My goal is to make computer games more enjoyable by automatically detecting player's behaviour and affective state and using this information to adapt the content of the game. This means that I have to work across interdisciplinary boundaries investigating methods from the field of HCI and affect detection and modeling, to understand and build models of player behaviour, and studying, analysing and inventing methods in the fields of AI and Machine Learning, to adjust game content and create new ones.

In general, I'm also interested in making tools that makes life easier, whether assistive tools for game design such as Ropossum, or mobile applications such as Menura.

I am currently editing a book on Procedural Content Generation with two other colleagues. Draft chapters of the book can be found at textbook on procedural content generation in games.

Latest Updates

Menura App for Android

Menura is a mobile app themed around parents and allows them to connect and share time, experience and activities with others around them. Download it for Android here.

#SyncSeven FREE on Android

A partially procedurally generated music-based game for fast-paced games Lovers. Download it for Android here.

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Ropossum Updated with V3.0

A mixed-initiative design tool for content generation, playability check and visual assistance for physics-based game. Youtube trailer here.

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