Noor Shaker

I, procedurally generate, cool ideas.

Well, I'm Noor!

I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at ITU university of Copenhagen. My research goal is to investigate techniques for making computer games more enjoyable by automatically adapting the game content to meet the player's specific needs and style. I am interested in the construction of computational models of player experience, derived from in-game interaction, and the use of these models for game content personalization.
I'm interested in techniques like Affective Computing, Player Modeling, Procedural Content Creation, Dynamic Decision Networks, and Reinforcement Learning. I'm also interested in mixed-initiative design tools that incorporate designers' knowledge, player experience modeling and procedural content generation.
I am currently editing a book on Procedural Content Generation with some colleagues from ITU. Draft chapters of the book can be found at textbook on procedural content generation in games.

Latest Updates

#SyncSeven FREE on Android

A partially procedurally generated music-based game for fast-paced games Lovers. Download it for Android here.

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Ropossum Updated with V3.0

Procedural content generation for physics-based games, and more... Youtube trailer here.

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